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China occupies the territory of about 960 km2 with a large variety of kinds of landscapes embraced. In each inch of this land, travelers are contented with rich tourist resource mixed of natural scenery, historical relics, culture and arts. All the sightseeing distributes in this country centered with cities, hence those famous tourist cities of China…Read More

Top 3 China City Tours

1 Day Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City & Mutianyu Great Wall Bus Tour

Join-in a small group to visit Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, and Mutianyu Great Wall. You will witness the largest wooden architecture complex ...

5 Days Beijing Small Group Tour A

The 5 days Beijing Group tour includes airport pickup and drop service. With this tour you will visit Jinshanling Great Wall, Tian’anmen Square, Fo...

1 Day Shanghai Suzhou Zhouzhuang Bus Tour

Travel with us to Suzhou which is nearby Shanghai to witness the exquisite gardens and ancient architectures of Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Beijing Tour

The capital of China Beijing has a history of over a thousand years and the city is rich in cultural heritage and relics. Beijing is a must-visit destination for for people who would visit China at his first time. Our Beijing tours take you to explore the most popular sites of Beijing. Tourists will see the magnificent Great Wall, sacred Tiananmen Square, majestic Forbidden City as well as the ...

Shanghai Tour

As one of the hottest tourist Attractions in China, Shanghai has a lot to offer for both native and foreign travelers. Our listed best Shanghai tours are collected according to our booking amounts and tourists reviews. Hassle-free transfers and ground transports at good price with high quality service, essential sites of Shanghai, the visit to Zhujiajiao and other water towns around Shanghai, a...

Luoyang Tour

Luoyang is one of vital sources of Chinese nation and civilization with over 5000 years’ history, renowned as one of the “Four Ancient Capitals in China”. This city has well preserved many heritages the nation left during the long history or local special sightseeing like Longmen Grottoes, Shaolin Temple, White House Temple, National Peony Garden……Read More

It is an important stop of t...

Xian Tour

Xi’an is a must-visit destination known for history for one’s first-time or second-time China tour. Our Xi’an tours take you to explore the ancient city of Xi’an, which is considered the cradle of Chinese civilization. The ancient city is home to the world famous Terra-cotta Warriors, the grand Ancient City Wall, and the bustling Muslim Quarters, as well as a host of museums, shops, restaurants...

Guilin Tour

Guilin is a popular tourist city famous for its karst landscape and idyllic countryside. The limestone hills randomly thrust out of the ground, and Li River winds its way through the hills and passes villages, creating a picture of timeless beauty. Out tour packages, with private tour guide, driver and considerate services, will bring you to nature and local farmers’ daily life by experiencing ...

Tibet Tour

Known as the roof of the world, Tibet bears the fame of world’s top 10 tallest peaks. Famous rivers including the Yangtze, Yellow, Mekong, and Indus all have their sources in Tibet. Tibet is also the place in China where people are most loyal in Buddhist faith. Tourists to Tibet will find prayer flags hang everywhere and mysterious beautiful monasteries sitting on snow mountains, beneath blue s...

Pingyao Tour

Pingyao is a county of Jinzhong City which is near to Taiyuan, capital city of Shanxi Province. Pingyao County covers a total area of 1260km². Pingyao is listed in one of the four completely preserved ancient cities in China. The other threes are Lijiang City in Yunan, Shexian County in Anhui and Langzhong City in Sichuan. Pingyao ancient city is about 2700 years old and was listed as the World...

Sanya Tour

If you are looking for a leisurely and meaningful Sanya tour, one day Sanya tour with our excellent local guide and driver will be the tour choices for you. In spite of only one day time, there are plentiful options for your reference. You can set your own pace with your private car or van. You can ask any questions about the places you visit and your personal guide will answer all your special...

Chengdu Tour

Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan Province, is best known for hotpot and panda. Tour packages in this part will show you something best in and nearby Chengdu. If non of them meet your expectation, we are glad to design a tour according to your requirement.

Xining Tour

Xining, likes Lhasa, is also located on the Qinghai – Tibet Plateau. Lying on the starting part of Qingzang Railway, the city is of unique natural scenery and some rare cultural relics.  

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