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The Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses in General

the-TCW-in-general-01Up to now, there has discovered a total of 179 accompanying burial pits of different connotations and various shapes in Qinshihuang’s Mausoleum area. The discovery of these pits has provided all important significance in the research of the burial system of the Qinshihuang’s Mausoleum, the characteristics structures and characteristics of the burial pits. However. what makes people feel amazing is that of all the burial pits, none has been found survived from being burnt down. Bul this burial pit for the civil officials is the only exceptional. Therefore, it serves a denial to the supposition that the accompanying burial pits were brought down due to spontaneous combustion of natural gas or a kind of burial rites of the time but rather a further testimony to the historical records, saying “ Xing Yu burnt down the Qin Palaces, dug the royal tomb of the First Emperor of Qin and took over his private wealth” or in other words, “setting fires on the palaces and tomb buildings never seen before.”
the-TCW-in-general-02The three pits for the Qin terra-cotta warriors and horses are laid out in a way looking like a Chinese character 品 (Pin), i.e. with one pit in front of the other two, the total coverage being over 20, 000 square meters. Buried in the pits are nearly 8.000 pieces of terra-cotta ures and horses, all being tile size of a real than and horse, and more than hundred war chariots of wooden structure ( which have all gone decayed). The terra colts horses are all big and tall in size, strong and robust, vigorous with head and ears held high ill alert w standing steadfast on ground looking as if ready to gallop in the battle- field. The cavalrymen and soldiers are all tall and robust. Some of them are clad in war robes and others in armor, an with weapons in hand, and still some are holding dagger-axes and spears while others long-shaft axes and halberds, standing vigorous and powerful in battle-array. This is a troop consisting of soldiers, cavalrymen, cross- bow shooters and war-chariots, forming a strong and invincible army, always ready in battle-formation.