Dubbed as the “City of Spring”, Kunming, the gateway for the Yunnan tour, is suitable for sightseeing all year round. You’ll explore the world’s most spectacular red earth, known as “God’s Magic Palette” on your Kunming tours; experience interesting rural life; hike the picturesque Western Hills; be attracted by the peculiar Karst limestones in the Stone Forest; and soak in the laid-back life pace.
4 Days Kunming & Dongchuan Red Land Tour

4 Days Kunming & Dongchuan Red Land Tour

Visitors looking for great photography opportunities and experience of rural life need look no further than Dongchuan Red Land. With this 4 day tour, you’ll explore the world's most imposing red earth known as “God’s Magic Palette”. The collage of multicolored crops is scattered into rolling moun...

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