One Day Xiamen Side Trip to Quanzhou

With the decline of Land Silk Road, the Maritime Silk Road appeared in the 10th century. Quanzhou in Fujian County used to be the starting point of Maritime Silk Road and it used to be the busiest port in East Asia. The 9 hours guided private tour will lead you to visit the cultural relics in Quanzhou City.

At 08:30 our guide and driver will greet you in hotel. After hotel greeting we will take the private car to Quanzhou. Today we will spend one whole day to explore the highlight sites in that city – the starting point of Maritime Silk Road. The profound cultural tradition wins the city the fame “cultural capital of East Asia”. The city’s history can be dated back to the Zhou Dynasty (1046BC-256BC) and in the Song and Yuan Dynasties (960-1368) Quanzhou was developed into the largest port in the East.

Kaiyuan Temple

After a 2 hours’ driving we will arrive at Quanzhou. The first stop we will visit is Kaiyuan Temple, the largest Buddhist temple in Fujian Province. It was originally built in the Tang Dynasty during Wu Zetian’s Era. The layout we see today were from the Ming and Qing Dynasties. After ward we will move to visit the Qilin Mosque which was originally built in 1000+ years ago. It is one of the oldest mosques built by Muslim people in China. Till today Qilin Mosque is the gathering place of local Muslim People. And many Muslim People hold their marriage ceremony or funeral in the Mosque. The mosque will be followed by Guandi Temple, the memorial temple of the famous general of Shu Kingdom (221-263) during the Three Kingdoms Period. At last we will visit Quanzhou Maritime Museum to learn about the history of Chinese sailing and maritime transportation.

When the visit ends we will drive for another 2 hours to return to your hotel in Xiamen downtown area.

Qilin Mosque

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