Huangshan Travel Guide

The city of Huangshan, short for Hui or Huang and called Xin’an or Huizhou in ancient time, is a popular tourism city in Anhui province. It is located at the junction of Anhui, Zhejiang and Jiangxi provinces. It is not only the hometown of Huizhou merchants, but also an important birthplace of Hui culture such as Xin ‘an painting, architecture in Hui style, four kinds of carving of Huizhou and bonsai in hui style. In addition, it has great far-reaching influence on Hui cuisine which is one of well-known eight Chinese cuisines and the Anhui opera is a crucial part of the quintessence of Chinese Opera. 

Geographic position:  Eastern China (118.33°E, 29.72°N)

Climate: Subtropical humid monsoon climate (four distinct seasons, short in spring and autumn, long in summer and winter, rich in heat)

Nearby Airport: Huangshan Tunxi International Airport (TXN)

Nearby Railway Stations: Huangshan Station, Huangshanbei Railway Station, Shexianbei Railway Station

Chinese: 黄山 huáng shān
Population: 1.5M
Area: 3,787 sq miles
Airport: TXN
Zip Code: 245000
Time Zone: GMT+8

Yellow Mountain

Xidi Ancient Village

Hongcun Ancient Village

Tunxi Ancient Street

Top Things to Do in Huangshan

As a famous tourist city, Huangshan not only possesses charming natural landscape, but also magnificent cultural landscape. Here are some top things to do in Huangshan for tourists, which may help tourists get to know the culture of Huangshan, selected the most delicious food and have a great travel experience.

  • Climbing the magnificent Yellow Mountain to appreciate the breathtaking scenery is attractive for visitors. As one of the world cultural and natural heritage, renowned world geological park and famous national scenic area, Yellow Mountain is honored as the “Worldly Paradise”. Do not miss the especially the four wonders–strange pine, absurd rocks, sea of clouds and hot springs.
  • There are also many ancient villages around Huangshan city such as Chengkan village, Hongcun Ancient Village, Xidi Ancient Village and so on, where visitors can not only enjoy the beautiful idyllic landscape, but also the traditional and exquisite hui-style architecture, carvings of Huizhou. With the development of tourism, the tourism infrastructure in each ancient town is being completed. Having the local snack foods and living in the ancient town is full of delights.
  • Seeing the Hui-yun Show in Xiangming theatre is also a good way for visitors to know more about Huangshan and the culture of Huizhou. Hui-yun showconsists of five parts, containing the beautiful love legend of Dong Yong and the fairy, story about how Peking Opera evolved from the Anhui Opera, and the historical process of Huizhou merchants who have dominated the Chinese business for nearly 400 years after experiencing ups and downs. 

What to Eat in Huangshan

  • Mao Tofu

    Mao Tofu

Mao tofu is artificially fermented to grow a layer of white fuzz on the surface of the tofu. Due to the fermentation, the plant protein turn into a variety of amino acids, so it tastes very delicious after cooking.

  • Smelly Mandarin Fish

Smelly mandarin fish is a famous Huizhou dish with a history of more than 200 years. The most traditional way to make mandarin fish is to braise it in brown sauce. After cooking, the fish is bright red in color. Though it smells stinky, it tastes really delicious.

  • Yellow Crab Shell Cake

Yellow Crab Shell Cake is a traditional snack of Huangshan city. In fact, it has nothing to do with crab, it’s just a kind of Chinese pancake. It usually takes flour, fat meat, dried plum,

Various Dishes in One Pot

preserved vegetable, salt, vegetable oil as ingredients, and is baked in the oven with the wood charcoal for several hours. Freshly baked pancakes are golden yellow in color and taste crisp and delicious.

  • Various Dishes in One Pot

The various dishes in one pot is a kind of hot pot that local people often eat in winter. It is very convenient to cook, just put dried bamboo shoots slices, meat pieces, toufu, meatballs, vermicelli and vegetables in one pot.

Huangshan Travel Guide

1) How to plan your Huangshan tour?

A. How many days willyou spend in Huangshan?

a. One day tour

Generally speaking, planning one day in Huangshan, you may not have a very good travel experience with a short time, because the tourist destinations in Huangshan takes at least two days to travel. But you can choose to go to Yellow mountain and visit some famous scenic spots in the scenic area in one day or just visit renowned ancient villages such as Xidi, Hongcun, Chengkan ancient village and so on.

b. Two days tour

If you plan to spend two days in Huangshan, you can choose to have a deep tour in Yellow Moutain. It is available for you to live in the hotel on the mountain top after the first day touring and see the sunrise the next day, and you can arrange time appropriately for two days and decide where to visit at first or how long you spend on it.

c. Three days tour

Three days tour is popular among visitors. During the three days, visitors cannot only appreciate the magnificent landscape of Yellow Mountain, but also experience the profound ancient Hui culture and taste special local food in some famous ancient village.

d. Four days and more days tour

If you have enough time in Huangshan, we also offer the service that makes a personal tour in Huangshan according to your preferences and interests. And nowadays, if visitors who have enough time in Shanghai and are looking forward to having a trip in surrounding cities to visit, Huangshan is the best choice. Because Huangshan is 400 kilometers away from Shanghai with convenient transportation such as the flight or high-speed way that takes about 3 hours. And the scenery of the two cities ate totally different. Shanghai is an international modern metropolis, where there are many cultural landscapes. But Huangshan is famous for the charming natural landscapes of magnificent Yellow mountain and well-known ancient villages showing the profound Hui culture and exquisite architectural style of Huizhou.


Recommended Tours:

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2) Visa Policy

There is no special requirement for Huangshan tour.

3) Huangshan Transportation

A. Flight

Huangshan Tunxi International Airport

Huangshan Tunxi International Airport, formerly known as “Tunxi Airport”, “Huangshan Tunxi Airport”, is 5.5 km to the northwest of Tunxi District of Huangshan city, Anhui province. It is the national important tourism airports, the second largest civil airport and the second International Airport of Anhui province. The airport was built in 1958 and put into use in October 1959. With the rapid development of the airport, it has opened up to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Xi’an, Hefei, Kunming, Guilin, Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Qingdao, Changsha, Dalian, Hohhot, Taiyuan, Haikou and other popular domestic routes and the international flight to Seoul.

  • Direct international flights:
  • Guilin Liangjiang International Airport-other Asian Country:Republic of Korea
  • Popular travel airlines:Huangshan-Beijing, Huangshan-Xi’an, Huangshan-Chengdu, Huangshan-Shanghai, Huangshan-Shenzhen, Huangshan-Hangzhou, etc.

B. Cab

As a small city, taking a cab in the city is very cheap. During the day time (06:00-22:00), the flag-down fare of the cab in Huangshan is CNY 5 for the first 2.5(1.55 miles), and when the mileage exceeds it, the fee is CNY 1.5 per kilometer. And during the night time(22:00-06:00 of the next day), the flag-down fare is CNY 6, and when the mileage exceeds it, the fee is CNY 1.8 per kilometer.

Note: In China, the cab fares are generally rounded. For example, if it shows CNY 19.8, you need to pay CNY 20.

4) Huangshan Weather& What to wear & The Best Time to visit Huangshan

Huangshan isa subtropical humid monsoon climate with four distinctive seasons. The spring and autumn are short, while the summer and winter are long. The average annual temperature is 6℃-15℃, and the average annual precipitation is 1670 mm. The precipitation most from May to August.

5) Where to Stay in Huangshan

In the Yellow Mountain Scenic Area:

Xihai Hotel

Fivestar Hotel

Although the accommodation fee of each five-star hotel is higher, the convenient location and transportation, advanced facilities, great accommodation environment and professional services are its advantages.

  • Xihai Hotel

Huangshan Xihai Hotel, located at the essence section of Yellow Mountain top, is about 500 meters away from the north entrance of the Xihai Grand Canyon. It is a good place to enjoy the beautiful scenery and have a relax.

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