Xian has been endowed by history with lot of relics and natural sites of great appreciation value, plus its fame as a famous ancient capital city of China, driving people put it on their must-visit list for China tour. When browsing dazzling Xian tours and tour information on the internet, how to find the useful info and plan a proper tour in Xian? It would have different answers for people of different conditions: come to Xian for the first time or have been here many times, have interest to history or to food or to natural sights, a family group, a student group, a friend group…… Read More
Chinaxiantour collects some essential tips for a Xian tour from the angle of an insider with more than 15 years’ experience. 1. Xian has so many attraction sites worthy of seeing, how could I arrange a good tour among those dazzling places?
  • Think about your days available in Xian
1 full day or a half-day’s flyover: If you have very limited time, you are suggested to visit the most highlight attractions of this old city—Terracotta Warriors or Terracotta Warriors plus 1-2 downtown attractions, like City Wall, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Bell & Drum Tower and Muslim Quarter, etc. 2-3 days: if you have 2-3 days in Xian, then you are allowed to explore those essential sites here—one day Terracotta Warriors and downtown sightseeing tour adding 1-2 attractions among them: Mountain Huashan, Hanyangling Museum, Qianling Mausoleum or Famen Temple and so on. 4 days and more: if you are going to stay in Xian more than 4 days, you could do an in-depth exploration—take the 2-3 essential tour plus a Xian side tour, such as Luoyang Tour or Pinggyao tour, Hukou Waterfall tour and Skiing tour in winter.
  • Put your interest in account
Whether your interest is cared about or not is important for a wonderful trip experience for people. If you are enchanted by the long history and deep culture of this ancient city,  you’d better not to miss Terracotta Warriors, City Wall, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Banpo Museum, Huaqing Hot Spring, Hanyangling Museum, Famen Temple, Qianling Tomb……If you are crazy about food, go to Muslim Quarter, Shuyuanmen Street, Defachang Dumpling Restaurant……If you like to simply appreciate some natural scenery, then you are suggested to Mountain Huashan, Hukou Waterfall, Foping Panda Valley, Taibaishan Mountain……anyway, pick out what you are interested in from Xian Attractions you will have a lucid tour plan.
  • Take your inter-city transportation into consideration
Your transportation arriving at and departing Xian should be an element considered for a Xian tour plan. If you reach Xian by air before 3pm, it is possible for you to pay a visit to Hanyangling Tomb which is near from the airport and if before 12:00, Terracotta Warriors is also doable. If you arrive at Xian by train or high speed train before 1pm, Terracotta Warriors is available, and City Wall before 3pm, as for the Bell & Drum Tower Square, Muslim Quarter and Big Wild Goose Pagoda Square, they are valid anytime (but please note there would be little fun in the midnight there). It is the same for departing from Xian by the transport mentioned above. 2. I am excited to take a tour in Xian but my budget is limited, how can I do? It is a very good question because many Xian travel planners care about it a lot. In the past years, we have been asked such questions by many customers, and as an experienced insider we indeed know some practical tips to help low down the cost. See the following text:
  • If it is the first time for you to come to Xian and Terracotta Warriors definitely is the crucial site for you, you are suggested to take a group tour which will collect too many people there and the quality won’t decrease at all (2-13 people in avan) but the price will be very good. Check them in Xian Group Tours and you will be surprised by their price
  • If you want more private space and don’t want to share the tour with others, then you have the ways below to help lower your budget: 1) Just rent a guide & a car with driver to lead you explore the city with entrance tickets paid on spot by yourself and meals prepared by yourself, too. It is a popular option for more and more customer to visit Xian. If you can speak Chinese and know a lot about China’s history then you could only rent a car to show you those attractions (usually we suggest our customers to rent a guide together with the car as Xian is a historical city and people would hardly understand the background information of the sites without the professional explanation.
  • If you have strong basic life skill in a strange city, you could visit the attractions in downtown by yourselves with the public transportation, such as the Bell & Drum Tower Square, Muslim Quarter, City Wall, Big Wild Goose Pagoda and Shaanxi History Museum. Actually, it should not be a tough problem, because Xian has complete and advanced public transportation system, and meanwhile many young Chinese people could do the basic English communication and be happy to help you if you got problem there.
We are a Xian local travel agency with 15 years experience in this field, we try to and we could provide the best price for our customers because we have maintain good relationships with tourist resources suppliers. Of course, we know well how to help you operate a proper tour with good price. 3. Having more ideas than those highlight and essential Xian tours, what else can I do there? If you are a repeated visitor to Xian and look forward something fresh there, please find some tips from the following passage: There are many famous tourist cities which allows you do a Xian side tour in one day or 2 days, Like Luoyang, Pingyao, Northern Shaanxi, Hanzhong, and even Chengdu in Sichuan (the high-speed railway between Xian and Chengdu with 3 hours would open in late half of 2017). Here are some Xian side tours for your reference. 4. I am looking for a China tour and need suggestions about the transportation between the top cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Xian. The proper transportation arrangement will pay an important role in a lone-line tour. Chinaxiantour put the info of some transportation conditions of several highlight cities in sort. If the info and tips above still is a little far from your expectation, why not throw your question on the online chatting at the bottom right corner or just send us an enquiry email? There are professional tour experts waiting to assist your travel.

Top 3 Xian Tours

Xian Day Tours

If you have very limited time in Xian, one day Xian tour packages will be the tour choices for you. In spite of only one day time, there are plentiful options for your reference. You can travel alone and also you could have your friends with you. You can set your own pace with your private car or van. You can ask any questions about the tourist attractions and your personal guide will answer al...

Xian Group Tours

Are you planning a Xian budget tour? Please just try a small group tour, which means you will travel together with other 4 to 15 tourists on the same tour group and the tour will cost comparatively lower than private tours and be more sociable. We offer daily Xian small group tours, covering the top attractions in Xian such as Terracotta Warriors, Banpo Museum, Xian Ancient City Wall, Big Wild ...

Xian Tour Packages

Choose an itinerary from our tour packages or design a tailor made private tour based on your personal interest and requirement. Take a tour package with your personal tour guide and experienced driver. Having Xian private tours offered by China Xian Tour is an affordable and comfortable way to enjoy Xian sightseeing including Shaanxi Provincial History Museum, Xian Ancient City Wall, Bell Towe...

Xian Food Tour

Are you a food lover? Are you bored with the standard tourist meals in tourist restaurants? Are you looking for authentic local food and local eateries and would you like to try some really special thing? If yes, food tour packages in this part are especially for you. With our food tour you would not only try authentic food in local eateries but also have chance to participate in some interesti...

Xian Muslim Tours

With the direct flight between Xian and South-Asia countries opens, numbers of Muslim travelers to Xian increase year by year. Based on study of Muslim tourists’ general requirements and interest, we recommend several Muslim tour packages for tourists’ reference. All the packages can be tailor made for specific tour group.

Xian Education Tour

There is a Chinese saying “Reading ten thousand books and traveling ten thousand miles”. Because as early as in ancient time people realized traveling is a pratical way to broaden their horizon. China Xian Tour designed the packages for students group to ensure they could learn somthing special from the visiting experience.

Xian Theme Tour

The theme tours are selected and made elaborated based on our massive survey on our previous successful tours for travelers who take their interest and love to some special aspects for the Xian City. There is county tour, food tour, local experience tours to explore Xian in-depth for your reference, of course, we are also glad to supply tailor made theme tours for you according your private req...

Xian Night Tour

Our evening tour starts from 17:00 and ends at about 20:00. You will be guided by our private guide and driver. The tour is all about night views, local food and drinks. You will experience the real local night life, see another side of the ancient capital city, and taste the most authentic local food.

Chengdu Xian Tour

Xi’an is doubtless one of TOP 3 destinations in China with the incredible 8th World Wonder Terracotta Warriors, listed on the “must-visit” city for the travelers all over the world. Chengdu, the hometown of pandas, is also getting more and more popular with its special feature: Capital of Leisure, which is mainly shown on local food culture and people’s slow life pace. High speed trains betw...

Terracotta Warriors Tour

Terracotta Warriors and Horses, also known as Terracotta Army, is one of the top cultural and historical attractions in the world. It locates in the Lintong District of Xian City and id about 40km from city center. In 2200 years ago, the Terracotta Warriors and Horses were buried with the Emperor Qin Shihuang, who firstly unified China in history and built the first feudal dynasty – The Qin Dyn...

Xian Tour by Public Transport

Visiting Xi’an by private car or joining in a small group to visit Xi’an is the most popular choices among the normal tourists. While it is not the best way to experience local life. And due to the convenient public transportation to major attractions in and nearby Xian, taking shuttle bus or Metro is becoming the welcomed choice for some tourists. Bellow are the Xian tour itineraries by public...

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