150 military officers join in a blind date party in Wuhan

Wuhan, capital city of China’s middle Hubei Province held its annual Blind Date Party for Military Officers on Oct 29, reports Chinese News by Zhou Shaoyun, Meng Xi and Xu Jinbo.

The sponsor discloses that there have been almost 200 young ladies got into romantic relationships with Chinese military officers and among which 60 lovers have got married and have already given birth to 12 cute babies.

In the afternoon, with the help of Wuhan Evening Newspaper Office, 120 outstanding military officers selected by airforce command in Wuhan met with 155 local young ladies, hoping to find their beloved through various talent shows, candlelight dinner and bonfire party.

During the party, 10 newly-wedded couples who were matched up through the previous activities held their group wedding ceremony in mass blessings. And 4 newborn babies also appeared in public.

Word has it that this activity was first introduced to military forces in December, 2007 when Wuhan Evening News joint with 95028 airforce, aiming at caring military officers’ personal emotions and build the harmonious society. Vice chairman of China’s Central Military Commission Xu Caihou has spoken highly of this action.

The party also set up a parallel sessions in Zhongxiang, Hubei Province. Another 30 outstanding military officers there took an active part in the party simultaneously through network transmission by local TV station.