2012 China International Travel Fair Ended Successfully

After four days’ exhibition and trade, 2012 China International Travel Fair Ended Successfully in Shanghai. According to incomplete statistics, the fair recept totally more than 100,000 people, both the professional and non-professional included, and sign 7054 contracts, with a total turnover of 800 million yuan.

On the Summary Meeting of Nov 18, 2012, Director of the International Cooperation Promotion Office of CNTA, Li Shihong made a summary about the general situation and features of the fair. He believed that the aim of success, splendidness, high efficiency and security had all been gained.It is learned that the buyers of this fair reached the largest number ever, with an amount of 1,198. The committee increased buyers of Emerging Market like India and Russia; and quality-buyers increased too, including many powerful multinational tourist enterprises. The initiatives of travel agencies, scenic spots, and hotels were boosted significantly, with a proportion up to 70 percent. Some large-scale enterprises like CTS, Beijing Tourism Group(BTG), Air China and ctrip website all set up large-area booths.On the meeting, the committee also voted 8 awards include the Best Organization Award, Best Booth Award, and Innovative Sale Award.