2012 Quanzhou Ceramic Culture Ecotourism Festival Held in Dehua

Sponsored by Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau and Quanzhou Municipal Government, and hosted by Quanzhou Municipal Tourism Bureau and Dehua County Government, the 2012 Quanzhou Ceramic Culture Ecotourism Festival Held in Dehua County—China’s porcelain capital. Tourism Fujian chief Sui Jun said in the address: “ Dehua should take the opportunity of this activity to innovate concept of tourism development, explore connotation of ceramic culture and create more tourist products relates to porcelain, rejuvenate tourism through porcelain industry and promote porcelain industry through tourism in return, letting Dehua ceramic and Shiniushan Scenic Spot be known by the whole nation and letting it head for all over the world and making the it a tourist name card of Fujian Province. ” The tourism festival themed as “Taste ceramic culture & Travel in Daiyun ecotope”. 11 activities were carried out such as the Opening Ceremony, Quanzhou Tourism Resource Show, the Signing Ceremony of Daiyun Ranges Tourism Zone alliance, Dehua Ceramic tourist products exhibition etc.

. During the festival, Fuzhou, Putian, Quanzhou and Sanming city, together with Yongtai, Youngchun, Dehua, Xianyou, Youxi and Datian County signed a cooperation agrement of Daiyun Ranges Tourism Zone alliance. They would integrate the tourist resources around Daiyun Ranges, and kick off the “North Wuyi, South Daiyun” Haixi ecotourism development pattern.