2013 Xian City Wall Lantern Fair to be Held in Tang Paradise

The annual Xian City Lantern Fair has been a shinning scenery of Xian during the traditional Chinese Spring Festival. Various lanterns on the Ancient City Wall permeate a strong atmosphere of Spring Festival without exception. But this year, in 2013, the Spring Festival is coming soon, there is no festive scene at all like people do in previous years on the City Wall of Xian. What happened? The reporter learned that the 29th Xian City Wall Lantern Fair moves its site to Tang Paradise this year.

The South Gate of the City Wall would always been crowded with people from in and around the city coming to appreciating the lantern fair when it comes to the lunar Chinese New Year Festival. Usually at this time of year, the colored lanterns would make the City Wall look such bustling and flourishing. But now the scene we can see is rather bleak. All the lanterns hanged on the posts are all faded red lanterns.

The staff told us that this year’s City Wall Lantern Fair will be moved to Tang Paradise of Xian because the construction of the guests-welcoming square in the South Gate. The Xian City Wall Lantern Fair has been a special holiday treat in the past 28 years since the first lantern fair in 1985 From the year 1985. Being told the fair will be moved, many citizens of Xian feel its a pity.