Xian Restaurant Review

If you enter De Fu Xiang from Fen Xiang, you will see a long Magic Kingdom-esque street stretched out before you. This is the Bar Street, a popular hangout for foreigners and locals alike. As you proceed down this legendary libation lane, you will begin to notice that all of the bars seem to closely resemble one another; the same dark interiors and alcohol promotion-related posters on the wall, the same waiters hawking their wares on the street, in front of rattan sidewalk furniture. However, at the end of this refreshment rainbow, there is no leprechaun guarding a pot of gold, but instead a beautiful woman ready to serve you a flavorful pot of tea.

The charmingly-named Royal Tea House is chock full of exciting selections of tea from the TWG (Singapore) Tea Company, as well as from the Royal Tea House in-house brand. If you want to drink TWG tea, there are only two places in Xi’an to get some, and Royal Tea is one of those places. Our lovely host Vida laid out a beautifully-presented TWG (Singapore) box set of a variety of teas for us to try. Our selection included a Japanese perfumed green tea aptly named “Geisha Blossom”, an Earl Grey tea, a decaf vanilla and a candy-scented tea called “Red Africa”, a white tea blended with berries and rose hips, a caramel-flavored tea, and a French fermented Earl Grey tea that tasted like red wine. Our tiny tea party was made completely by a delicious dessert tray which included almonds, pistachios, bite-sized chocolate chip cookies, walnut-stuffed nougat, and a white cake topped with fresh peach slices, whipped cream and toasted almonds.

At Royal Tea, there is a tea for every pocket. If you want to shell out the bib bucks for the luxury teas to drink at home, you can spend up to ¥500.00 for TWG, or you can spend less than ¥100.00 for the more economically-priced Royal Tea house brand. Last Mother’s Day, Royal Tea hosted an English. Afternoon Tea well-supplied with exotic teas and treats, and if you are an outgoing and sociable person with an appreciation for the finer teas in life, the regularly hosted Sunday afternoon tea would be a wonderful thing for you. In fact, there is a Royal Tea Ladies’ Afternoon Tea Club which might be just up your alley if you’re into spending a pleasant afternoon with your friends, catching up on culture and conversation.

The Royal Tea Ladies’ Afternoon Tea Club currently has 130 members (yours truly included), who share the opportunity to gather together ten of their closest friends on the second Sunday of every month between 3pm-5pm, to have a tea party. In fact, the next Ladies’ Afternoon Tea will be on August 12th, and Royal Tea will be doubt a whole new range of Western teas, finger sandwiches and surprising dessert.