8 Chinese Tourists Got Robbed in Argentina

Several supermarkets in Argentina’s southern tourist city Bariloche were robbed violently on December 20. The looters clashed heatedly with local police, but fortunately caused no casualties, according to Xiahuanet. It is reported that eight Chinese tourists in Bariloche were robbed. Their tour bus was smashed by evildoers, and all luggages, money and passports were also looted away. At the request of local government, Argentina Federal Government had dispatched 400 military policemen for security.

Such things had never happened before, but due to the police undermanning, investigation could not be carried out in time. Local TV Station had released the Lost notice, hoping to find these Chinese tourists’ passports back, according to local police and travel agency.

After learning the news, the Director of Chinese consulate in Argentina Zhang Lin expressed they would assist these Chinese citizens to find relevant certificates and try their best to help them return home.