947 people Sentenced for Food-related Criminals

Recently, a total of 947 criminals have been sentenced by Chinese courts for producing and selling poisonous or harmful food, according to a spokesman for the Supreme People’s Court (SPC).

“The Courts have completed more than 730 criminal cases relating to food offence, including clenbuterol and gutter oil”, said Yu Housen, vice director of political department of the SPC, at a press conference on Tuesday. Other figures showed that courts nationwide have completed 3,577,062 cases and given sentences to 4,567,236 criminals since 2008. “The SPC has urged courts at all levels to set up special offices for litigation, covering complaints, litigation guidance, risk warning and queries about cases,” Yu said.

From 2009 to 2011, courts nationwide helped 12,978 victims of crime, and allocated more than 230 million yuan ($36.83 million) in relief funds to them or their family members. In China, there is a saying goes that: “Food is the paramount necessary for people.” So to ensure food safety is the prior importance to everything. Tougher punishment should be taken urgently.