A Bite of Xian

Speak of Xian, the words first occur to one’s mind must be “ancient capital city”, “Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses” and “various delicious snacks”. For those who come to Xian for the first time, he/she will be most probably shocked by various night fair. Even the simplest restaurant in the deepest lane attracts foodie from everywhere in and around the city. A bowl of Crumbled Unleavened Bread in Mutton Stew (Yangrou Paomo), a few bunches of mutton shashliks and a bottle of beer are the most authentic midnight snack of Xian.

You can never miss the Sun Family’s Yangrou Paomo, and the Steamed Stuffed Bun of Jiasan must be tried, and how could you leave out the Ding Family’s Crispy meat? All these are the most popular food stars in tourist’ travel plans who make a trip in Xian.

Yangrou Paomo is a native-born snack of Xian, which is also a necessity in the locals’ daily life. But the real native seldom go to Sun Family’s Yangrou Paomo. Little restaurants on the street stalls are their favorite. The most authentic way to eat Yangrou Paomo is that you need to smash the bread into small pieces and put in the bowl, and give the bowl to the waiter. Then the waiter transfers it to the kitchen. The chef will water the bread pieces with mutton soup and scatter chives in it. After several minutes concoction, the bowl of delicious Yangrou Paomo will be served on your table and wait you to taste.