A Perspective in Chinese Fast Food Life Style

Time is money, efficiency is life.’ this common slogan has been a real reflection of many people’s life in the modern society. Along the develop and advance of society and technology, life path is becoming faster and faster. In order to purchase efficiency, Chinese people’s ” be in a hurry’ life style has become a common practice. No time to deal with feelings, but to have a Lightning Marriage. No time to travel, but to give a hurried and cursory glance at those scenic spots. No time to study, but to attend a crash course. Unfortunately, when there are more and more ‘fast food’ in our lives, some authentic beauty in life has disappear quietly.

Recent years tourism has been a kind of fashion in people’s life. However, due to a series of factors, such as tight time, crowded people, inconvenience transportation and so on, vacations which should be leisure and relax have lost authentic functions.