A White-collar couple to Plan a Riding Tour Around China

The night of Christmas Eve is destined to be out of common. In totally strange cities, they celebrate the Christmas with a group of ‘Riding Friends’, who they have never met before. They share a common dream, that is to tour around China on bikes.

They tell journalist that the husband is a sales manager and the wife is a TV director, both of which are white collars with high incomes. Many people wonder why they give up their good salaries and working conditions to have this uneasy journey.

Let’s come back a year ago. One morning, when the wife woke up, she found herself lost all of her strength. She could not move, turned over and even speak. She was scared by herself deeply for she is very young. After this experience, she thought for long time what kind of life was worthwhile in the rest of her life. But one thing she was sure is that she wanted to change her life to another way. She discussed her thought with her husband, who is also tired of endless meetings and sales forms. Unexpectedly, her husband cannot with her any more.

On 2nd June this year, they named themselves as “Dreaming Rider” and began their riding journey, setting out from Beijing.