American Toursits Visited Guanyin Chan Temple

On 9th Sep, 2018, a American tourist group of 10 people, with company of our guide Wendy, did a Xian side visit to Zhongnanshan Ancient Guanyin Temple to explore the wisdom of the East and the core of Eastern philosophy. Our team including guide Wendy who was praised as one of the best guide in historical/cultural introduction did a careful preparation for this special travel. We tried bringing these American friends an impressive experience about Chinese Zen Buddhism culture and it was proved successful. Among them are journalists, couples engaged in philanthropy and practitioners in other fields. Although the background of identity is different, they are extremely religious. Sincerity is the key to success, and the Master Shangwuxianxuan has the Buddha’s spirit of compassion. In his busy schedule, he still spent time communicating with these foreign friends. After that , all the friends praised that the original Dharma is still in China.

Guanyinchan Temple
Guanyinchan Temple

After the foreign friends arrived at the monastery, they were warmly received by the residents of the temple. The temple was simple and natural, introverted and subtle. Hence, everyone was deeply infected with the atmosphere in the mountain. Wendy explained them the story of the old ginkgo tree at the yard that was planted by the greatest Tang Emperor Taizong Li Shimin in person 1400 years ago. After thousands of years of wind, rain and vicissitudes of life, the ginkgo tree is still full of energy and flourishing for millennium with rich leaves, which surprised everyone.

Later, Master Wu Xuan welcomed foreign friends warmly with the highest quality Ziyang tea, and the foreign friends were full of praise. After learning that the tea and the vegetable which they had in the monastery were planted by the master, they were overcame with emotion. Master Wu Xuan explained that the important concept of Ancient Guanyin Temple is self-sufficiency and meditation. In addition, the temple is always adhering to the important purpose of not giving trouble to the society and serving the public everywhere.

When foreign friends asked about the status and role of Zen Buddhism, Master Wu Xuan said that the influence and status of Zen Buddhism in Buddhism has been integrated into all aspects of social life, which can be said to be the core of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, and even wisdom in the East. The essence of it. If you want to find a starting point for improving the soft power of the country’s culture, and you will find that Zen is a jumping-off point.


Meanwhile, these visitors also asked other questions, including monastic work, the reason of master entered into religion, community service and so on.

Before leaving, international friends expressed their gratitude to Master and the resident of the temple. Also, they said that the most shocking thing in China was the trip to the Ancient Guanyin Temple, because Master Wu Xuan changed their previous view . They sighed with feeling about the true Dharma was still in China.

Autumn is the best time to visit this thousands of years temple as the visitor could enjoy the beautiful scenery of golden ginkgo tree. If you are looking for some lesser-known sites to find more history and culture in depth, then a Xian tour to Ancient Guanyin Temple is a good choice for you.