An Acute-Angle-Shaped Bridge in Shaoxing

In Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, east China, this overpass is an ancient beam-shaped stone bridge. It was first built in 1256 or the fourth year of the Baoyou reign of the Southern Song Dynasty. Actually it is composed of two bridges which join at one end to make an acute angle, so the name of the bridge. The bridge crosses die south-north main river and the two small ones on its both sides and links four roads together. The originator of the Chinese overpasses, it was built with blue stones. The curved slab stones for the main section of the bridge are 4.85 meters long each. Also it has stone balustrades and balusters. One of a few intact bridges from the Song Dynasty, this ancient arch bridge which has solved such a complicated traffic problem is really a wonder in bridges.

The Covered Bridge in Taishun

This bridge is in Taishun County in Zhejiang Province in southeast China. Taishun County is imbued with mountains and deep valleys. Local people had to build roads across mountains and bridges over rivers. Originally there were some 1,000 covered bridges but only more than 470 of them are intact today. The county is famous as a museum of ancient bridges of China. Most bridges in the county are wooden and each has wooden houses on.

On either side of the bridge, there are fixed wooden chirs. Some even have a sacrificial table, a tea pavilion or a guest room. Such bridge is seldom in China and attracts flocks of tourists or inspectors in recent years.

Dongxi Bridge or Upper Bridge is in Sixi Town in Taishun County. It was first built in 1570 or the fourth year of the Longqing reign of the Ming Dynasty. It is 41.7 meters long, 4.86 meters wide and 10.35 meters tall. Its span is 25.7 meters long. This arch bridge has a palace like house with upturned corners and double eaves. The house is magnificent and elegant.

Beixi Bridge or Lower Bridge is in Sixi Town in Taishun County. The Lower Bridge is wider and taller than the Upper Bridge and its span is longer too. Looked in distance, the Beixi Bridge is like a beautiful curve over the blue water.