Bailuyuan Folk Culture Village Opened in May

In May 2016, Xian City opened a new folk culture village for free to Xian citizens and tourists, Bailuyuan Folk Culture Village. The village locates nearby Lantian County. It likes Yuanjiacun Village to some extent. But the geographical locates endows that village with more pleasant natural environment. Just 22km from downtown Xian, Bailuyuan Folk Culture Village became an ideal spot for leisure during Labor Day Holiday. Going there to escape from the fast pace city life, breathing fresh country air and having some peasant family made snack are the unique advantages of the village. Though it is a newly built commercial street, visitors could feel no modern anxious but only enjoy their leisure time. And one the way to the village, people will witness landscape of country area: agriculture field, fruit grove, wild flowers on road side, rows of peasant dwellings, etc.

To south of the village stands Qinling Mountain Ranges and to east lies Bahe River (One of the 8 major rivers flowing through ancient Chang’an city). The natural environment is much better than the well known Yuanjiacun Village. Here tourists will enjoy agriculture sightseeing, experience agriculture cultivate activities and enjoy them selves when strolling along the street. If you visit there in summer days, you will find the whole village is submerged in the greens. The babbling river and singing birds is the other thing worthy of enjoying. And the the peasant dwellings nearby the village still keep their original looking. If take a look in far, you may see the peasant working in farmer field

All in all, if you want to see the authentic pastoral scenery, just go to Bailuyuan Folk Culture Village before it becomes crowded. Taking the bus No 910 in down city and get off at Anbeicun stop, then walking for about 1 km you will arrive at the village.