Because of Love

In the hospital, Su Dan and Tian Xinbing’s ward beds are just separated by a beside table. Only by stretching their arms can they reach each other’s hand. They have spent almost 10 years together, from dating to marriage till July this year. “We had a dispute on plans for the company and quarreled furiously, after that we divorced. ”, Su said, “After divorce, we still live in the same house and strive for our company”.

But on that moment, Su Dan was waiting to donate more than 590 grams of her liver to her husband. Two months later just after they got divorced in June, Tian Xinbing was diagnosed with severe liver disease and he needs living donor liver transplantation now.

After Tian was diagnosed with severe liver disease, Su Dan went to hospital to have a test by herself. It took her two weeks to persuade her husband to take her liver.

As required, organ transplants must pass the reviewing process. Only those who are the spouses, immediate family members, collateral relatives within three generations, foster parents and children, stepparents and stepchildren can be the living donor — which means Su Dan needs a legal identity to be the liver provider. Soon afterwards, they remarried in March and delivered the materials to the Institutional Review Board.

When the experts from Institutional Review Board asked her why she did this, “because I love him.” she cried.

At 8 am on Wednesday, Su Dan was wheeled into operating room.

At 19:10, Su Dan’s liver was transferred to her husband’s operating room.

Then at 23:20, the transplant surgery was over successfully.

Su Dan’s behavior has moved all people that know their story, including their relatives,

friends, doctors, nurses and other patients in the hospital, just because of love.