Best Time for Cherry Picking

May day comes and it is time that cherry ripes. At this time of each year, families and friends groups would drive out of the city and immerse themselves in a piece of Cherry Orchard. The bright cherries look like little red lanterns, shinning under the sun. We have selected some of the best places to pick cherries in around Xian, Shaanxi Province, China below:

No. 1: Xi Xiang Cherry Valley

Xi Xiang Cherry Valley is the second largest cherry base in China, covering a total area of over 20 hectares. Located in the north of Xixiang and with railway Hanzhong-Beijing across the county, the transportation is very convenient. This valley is famous for the cherry which is reputed as the “agate of fruits”, hence its name “Cherry valley”. Late Apr to early May is the maturation period of cherry.

The valley itself is free to visitors. But if you want to go inside the garden and pick cherries, there will be some fees.

No.2 Demonstration Park of Cherry in Chenping Village, Tongchuan City

Another place for picking cherry is the Chenping Village which is located in southern part of the new district of Tongchuan. After picking the cherries, you can also go to visit the Xiang Shan Temple and Yaowang Mountain.

No.3 Cherry Orchard in White Deer Plain

Driving east from downtown Xian, we will come to the Cherry Orchard in White Deer Plain(Bai Lu Yuan). With north to the Bahe River and armed in the Baling Mausoleum of Emperor Wendi of Han Dynasty, it is the largest and the best cherry base in northwestern China.There are over 20 kinds of cherries, such as Hongdeng, Huangyu, Dazi, Naweng etc. Cherries in early May is the earliest arrival with the best flavor, and it is also will be the most expensive during this period. From mid May to June, large scales of cherry will be on sale at each fruit market.