Breathtaking Scenery and Gourmet along the Bullet Train of Chengdu-Xian

The whole line of Xian-Chengdu High speed train went into operation on December 6th, 2017. Since then, the running time between two cities shortened from 11 hours to 4. That means one day Xian Chengdu tour is not a dream anymore. The change itself, is not only an adjustment of time, but a profound affection that means a lot to some people.

For foodies, many cities are worthy of going once, twice, three times, four times or even more just for the sake of eating. Such as Chengdu, Xian as well. Chinese hamburger (Rounjiamo) for breakfast in Xian, Rice Skin for lunch in Hanzhong, and hot pot for dinner in Chengdu.


Broad and Narrow (Kuanzhai Alley)

Comprised by parallel arrangement of broad alley, narrow alley and well lane, the whole place distributes antique courtyard in the form of indigo tiles. It’s also a legacy of scaled ancient streets of Qing Dynasty in Chengdu. There are three titles of this place: Wide alley as the “leisure life” of old Chengdu, narrow alley as the “slow life”, in contrast of the “new life” for well lane.

Jinli Street

Jinli, Chengdu version of “Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival (one of China’s top ten famous paintings that depicts the life of all social classes in suburb on Qingming Festival) ”, is the spiritual station that to feel the romantic leisure, to experience the charming block of Three-Kingdoms’ culture and folk-custom in Chengdu. Right here, you can enjoy the handicraft of kneading clay and sugar painting, visit shops with characteristics of the Three Kingdoms, shadow puppets, the chopsticks shop, etc.

Wuhou Temple

Next to Jinli Street, it is the only one temple in China, which is in memory of both emperor(Liubei) and his courtiers(Zhuge Liang with other heroes in the Kingdom of Shu) . It is also the most influential heritage museum of The Three Kingdoms.

Du Fu’s Thatched Cottage 

The cottage is situated on the bank of the Wanhua river. It is the former residence of Du Fu, a great poet in Tang Dynasty. He left more than 240 beautiful poems during four years here. At the end of Tang Dynasty, the poet Weizhuang found the ruins of cottage and restored the huts to keep it. In the following dynasties it went through repair and expansion as well. The architecture is simple and elegant, the garden is quiet and beautiful. People would gasp in admiration such a sacred place in the history of Chinese literature.

If you pay a visit to Chengdu, you can’t say you have been there without seeing a panda. You can view how pandas act and live through fence and window. Moreover, you can also catch a sight of black-necked crane, peacock and other small animals. Being friendly and gentle should be kept in mind.

Han Zhong


Fuoping is a world of mountain with green undulating ranges, grass inlaid in the forest, and wild flowers blurring our eyes. On average every 2.5 k㎡ locates a Fuoping national nature reserve for panda. Let’s encounter Chinese treasures.

Foping Panda Valley
Foping Panda Valley



The Terracotta Warriors

Known as the eighth wonder of the world , the Terra Cotta Warriors make you hard to imagine that ancient skilled craftsman should have been able to portray the life of each soldier. But what you see is the truth.

Terracotta Warriors and Horses

Xian City Wall

The city wall was built during the Ming dynasty, owns a history of more than 600 years. It is the most complete city wall preserved in China, which remains so intact regardless of erosion for time.

Muslim Street

This is the place where Xian snacks are most concentrated, and the place where must not be missed. Muslim Street is already a thousand years old. The street is in north-south direction.  Green stones pave the way, and trees shade the road. The whole street is thick with the atmosphere of the city. You can feel strong enthusiasm for life.