Candidate List for Tourist Image of of Drunken Shaanxi to be Announced Today

In the past ten days, the 2013 China Tourism Overall Assessment Shaanxi Branch – “Drunken Shaanxi” has aroused extensive attention by a vast number of tourists and insiders. By the time nearly one hundred scenic spots, tourist enterprise and prominent insiders have been recommended as the candidate tourist image. And these images will be announced on today’s Travel Weekly. From next week, you can vote for them on internet or by letter.

VIP group experience the “Drunken Shaanxi”

Yesterday, two groups of VIP readers of Huashang Daily (based on Xi’an)went to the Qinling Wildlife Park, which marked the beginning of the 2013 China Tourism Overall Assessment Shaanxi Branch. Reporters learned from the Program Organizing Committee that in later campaign they will also take tourists to the various scenic spots to experience the “Drunken Shaanxi”

Recommendations heat the off-season tourist

“I recommend Xianyang City. Mausoleums of Qianling, Zhaoling and Maoling, Yuanjia Village and Giant Buddha Temple, you can soak different things in every place!” “I recommend Shangluo.” It is learned that there is one reader who even recommended more that ten tourist images on the phone. In the cold wintertime, the off-season of tourist, this assessment will send Shaanxi tourism into the stratosphere.

The 2013 China Tourism Overall Assessment will top the most outstanding organization according to reads’ votes and expert reviews.