Caution: No Climbing

Volcanic activity at New Zealand’s largest active volcanoes Mount Ruapehu is increasing and an eruption could occur at any time, local officials warned not to climb the mountain recently, according to the United Morning Post of Singapore on November 20.

New Zealand’s Department of Conservation (DOC) called for caution, saying that all signals indicates the risk of Ruapehu Eruption is increasing every day.

Official monitoring agency Institute of Geology and Nuclear reveals that the temperature in the hundreds deep lake near by Ruapehu reached 800℃, but the temperature of the water is only 20℃, which indicates that the volcanic vent is partly plugged. As the internal pressure increasing, the volcanoes is likely to erupt in the coming weeks or months.

Ruapehu mount is at an altitude of 2,797 above sea level. The “volcanic eruption of doom” in the movie Lord of the Rings is rightly filmed here.