China’s Puer International Country Music Festival Get High-profile

The ancient residence, the beautiful costumes, the mystical celebration and charming music and dances, all these fantastic things will be unfolded to the public. Puer City in Yunnan Province is destined to be the paradise of music and fashion in November. Leila, a 23 year old pretty Hungarian girl with big eyes, likes everything that is naturally beautiful. When she got the news that she had been admitted to the finals of “The Graceful Puer — New Silk Road Miss World Competition” and was to attend the final in China’s Puer, she said brightly: “I like Puer Tea, and I guess I would like Puer City too!” Another finalist, Nastya who is 22 and 176 cm height, once was a popular magazine model, said that she was looking forward the journey to China’s Puer and hoping Puer would bring good luck to her.

The competition will be held in Puer City from Nov 20 to Nov 24. It is the only international beauty contest labelled Chinese brand, which is also the first time for Puer to host the international beauty contest culture. There will be international beauties of different countries from the world five continents in gorgeous costumes coming to perform with visitors in, presenting various exotic customs. In addition, national costume show and international fashion will be displayed later. As a part of the International Country Music Festival, these beauties will also perform with country bands from home and abroad, spreading the beauty, fashion, happiness and music of Puer to the world.