Chinese City Name With Characters in Fancy Style

Recent days a designer in Guizhou named Shi Changhong has his moment. Because a group of Chinese cities/provinces name with characters in fancy style became extremely popular online. Each Chinese people could find his hometown in Shi Changhong’s designing. And the most representative things of the cities/provinces are also included in the designing.

In the following we share the designer’s creative work. Some people think they can help one get most highlight tourist things of a place. What do you think of them?

Dalian (大连)

Dongguan (东莞)

Guangzhou (广州)

Guiyang (贵阳)

Hainan (海南)

Hhangzhou (杭州)

Heilongjiang (黑龙江)

Jiangsu (江苏)

Jinan (济南)

Kaifeng (开封)

Kaili (凯里)

Kunming (昆明)

Lhasa (拉萨)

Liaoning (辽宁)

Lijiang (丽江)

Nanjing (南京)

Ningbo (宁波)

Guanzhou (泉州)

Shaanxi (陕西)

Shanghai (上海)

Shenyang (沈阳)

Tianjin (天津)

Wuhan (武汉)

Xiamen (厦门)

Xining (西宁)

Xuzhou (徐州)

Zhengzhou (郑州)


Changsha (长沙)


Chengdu (成都)