Chinese Men’s Two Dream: one house and one girl friend

There is a bad phenomenon existing in today’s society in China: the girl requires the man that he must have one house before they get married. Most of men undergo large pressure due to the high prices of commodity and house price and lower income .etc.

When you ask girls: ‘what are your criteria for the future boyfriend or husband?’ “He must be rich enough to by a house for me in A city or B city, and it would be better if he can afford a car.” This answer will be certainly listed in the first line.

Some of my girl friends just have the same thoughts as of those girls. Of course, it is understanding for me. Firstly, most of the young people in today’s society have relatively low income and their families are not so well off considering of China’s actual conditions now. Even though China’s economic got a fast growth in the past several years, and the GDP grows rapidly year by year, but meanwhile it seems that the peoples’ life cost is higher than the past relatively, the seeming fast developed economy is actually bubble economy. Surviving in big modern cities is quite difficult for most young men, among whom are mostly from China’s less developed areas. And particularly with the house prices increasing in big cities, the situation young people are facing is tougher. For many girl, it seems to be a easier way to date a rich boy friend, thus she would get a house without working hard for years to afford the sky-high house price.

Many of my opposite sex friends complain to me that girls’ idea about love and marriage now become more and more realistic. Buying a house and having a girl friend have been their dreams recently.