Cisternino to be a Refuge in the Coming would End Day

According to the news from Taiwan Central News Agency, India Spirit Director Babaji claimed that a small city Cistenino in Italy will became shelter of “the End of World”. After the end of world, this island will be the only survival place.

According to report, Cistenino is located in the southeast of Italy with a local population of 12 thousand. Historical relics can be seen in that city. The steepletop Trullo building is a famous relic which has been approved by United Nation Educational Scientific and Culture Organization.

Babaji and his followers have headed to Cisternino in the early year of 1979 for the preparation of the coming wourld end day, a report from Lettera 43. The mayor of this city Donato Baccaro said that all of the local restaurants have been fully booked.