Country Tour to Foping From Xian to See Crested Ibis, Panda, Takin, and Gold Monkey

When we talk about panda, most people will think of Chengdu Panda Base. But do your know that the earliest panda research base is based in a county in Foping – a sparsely populated mountainous county in south tip of Shaanxi Province which is about 2 hours driving from Xian downtown area.


Foping is known as Home Town of Panda. But since the pandas in this area are mainly live wildly, it is no so easy to see many pandas during ones stay. Due to the less population, mountainous landscape, and great nature environment, Foping is also a welcomed summer resort for citizens nearby.

Beside the lovely pandas, there are three other unique and rare animals in Foping – Gold Monkey, Crested Ibis, and Takin. They are acknowledged as the Four Treasures of Qingling Mountain Ranges.

Foping Panda Valley

In Foping Panda Valley there are about 130 wild giant pandas, averagely one panda in each 2.3km2 area. In the natural oxygen bar of Foping, these pandas lead a relaxing and pleasant life. They kill time at their own pace and look for their favorite food- bamboo on their own. They are happy, free, and independent.

In Panda Valley there are 80+ native gold monkeys. They wear bright gold hairs and perfect figure, they are lovely and naughty. People can see the interact with them in close distance.

Gold Monkey

When you talk with local people, you may find actually panda is not the most lovely living in their home town. It seems they like elegant and eye-catching Crested Ibis more. They fly over river and above farmland. Compared with panda and gold monkey, their life is more pleasant. They often fly the peasant home to look for food, and settle their nest in peasant home. Since they are bird, they are almost completely not harmful to local people’s life.

Crested Ibis

In winter and spring, there are usually less eatable things in mountain. To look for food, the huge Takins may go down the mountain to “pay a visit” to farmland and villages. Sometimes they comes alone, sometimes with their family… If you knock in takins when sightseeing, keep distance with them and never try to attack them. They are usually not harmful to human if they feel safe. Takins would totally be a surprise for your Foping stay.