Cycling the Ancient City Wall- Full of Fun

Xian is one stop unplanned in our schedule. I’ve never been there, but in my imagination, the old city of Xian maybe gone far away, just like a lot of other ancient cities in the world, being totally transformed into a modern city. However, when I went through the city wall gate, I found I just fallen in love with this lovely city. Like the remaining capital taste in Beijing, today’s Xian still exudes its unique glow. Although a lot of high-rise buildings have sprung up and replaced the low-slung houses of blue brick and grey tiles, fortunately, the well-preserved City Wall still stand there to show visitors the ever-changing of this ancient city. Standing on the city wall and overlook the whole city, one and the only thing that never changed is the hustle and bustle of the daily life.

In a sunny day, cycling the city wall is absolutely a great way to relax yourself. We have stayed on Xian for only one afternoon and we chose to bike the city wall to get a little knowledge about the city. Every tower on the wall has its own stories to tell, while the numerous gates, Chaoyang gate, Zhongshan Gate, Jianguo Gate, Wenchang Gate, Zhuque Gate etc, just like soldiers, standing there to have guarded this heavenly state in ancient times and smile to face the visitors from both at home and abroad in modern time.

Under the glow of the sunset, Xian is teemed with profound historical and cultural atmosphere. The locals kindly introduce every corner of the ancient city. Overlooking the foot of the city wall, you can see people drink tea in an unhurried way, or hear some sing Shaanxi Opera. For thousand years, Xian retains its leisure lifestyle no matter how time flies.

If you are now being on a tour in Xian or just about to travel to Xian, biking the city wall is highly recommended in your trip!