DPRK Taps into China’s Tourist Market

It is reported that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is improving its infrastructure for attracting more Chinese tourists, which shows Pyongyang’s desire to exploit China’s booming tourism market, according to Chinadaily.

Hong Yin-chel, head of the publicity bureau of the DPRK national tourism administration, declared that the DPRK provides a variety of tourist attractions of spectacular natural scenery cultural relics and religious heritage. He made a few remarks at an economic, trade, culture and tourism exhibition held by China and the DPRK in the border city of Dandong in China’s Liaoning province.

“We are trying to promote the modernization of tourism facilities and have achieved great results. We welcome tourists from the whole world and especially from China,” he said. The number of Chinese visitors traveling to the DPRK has soared up over the past two years. “And the turning point in the tourism market appeared in 2010, when DPRK was listed as a tourist destination country by China. As a result, many travel companies started to explore this mysterious and great market,” said Yang Chunkai, manager of China International Travel Service in Dandong.

To attract more tourists, travel agencies from both countries have developed a package of new products. Comment also says that tourism industry is a good opportunity for the DPRK and cross-border tourism would enhance regional prosperity and security.

But does DPRK really get ready to handle more international tourists? That is a question to be answered.