European Discount Season Boost Outbound Tourism Market

With Christmas Day and Chinese Spring Festival coming up when it is the discount season of Hongkong and European Countries, the outbound tourism market is expecting a big surge, some insiders revealed, according to Central News of Chinese Voice.

Entering into the late November, travel agencies have launched tourism routes for New Year’s Day and Christmas Day, and even the tourist products for Spring Festival has been on sale. Reporter found on website of several large travel agencies that destinations like European islands are the most popular in the coming up festivals. “Boosted by multiple elements including tourism development, RMB appreciation and the heat European shopping market, Chinese outbound tourists will see a fast growth this year, compared with the same period of last year.” Product owner of Aoyou Net of Chinese Youth Travel Service told the journalist.The latest book data shows that America-England-France-Germany-Switzerland route is the most popular destinations. In addition, the vice director of Outbound Office of China International Travel Service Mr Li told the journalist that as of now the booked America Tour in discount season has increased to 80%.