Food in Xian Muslim Quarter

Foodies like Xian very much.It is true. Let’s get moving for the delicious food of Xian.

Muslim-quarter-01Muslim Quarter(Huifang) is definitely our first stop. Many time-honored brands, restaurants and unknown humble stall gathered here. Today, what we called “Huifang” includes not only the main street- Muslim street but also the nearby “Xi Yang Shi” and “Da Pi Yuan”.

When I came to Xian six years ago, my friend Tony took me here. Looking from a far distance, I saw the majestic Drum Tower with some smoke billowing above. I still remembered I was so alarmed and said to Tony: “ Look! The Drum Tower has caught a fire!” And he looked to that direction and answered calmly: “ Stop fussing! That’s where we would go to – Muslim Quarter. You’ll get it!”

When I saw the hundreds of stalls of barbeque, I realized where the smoke came from. Now what we are eating in the picture is “Ding Family’s Crispy Meat”, made of beef, taste nice and tender, RMB15 for one bowl with tasty soup. Just give it a try. You’ll love it!

Muslim-quarter-02Today, I’d like to recommend a restaurant which is called “Eight-treasured Porridge of Xiao Jia” in Da Pi Yuan. I would stop by each time I come. The following pictures are Eight-treasured Porridge, Eight-treasured Glutinous rice, lotus root starch with pip.

In addition, there is hundred of delicious snacks in the Muslim Quarter, such as Jing Gao, crystal persimmon cake, Syrup of Plum, Bing feng(a kind of soft drink in Xian only).

For sightseeing in Xian, Terra-cotta Warriors is a must-see, while for local food, Muslim quarter should be absolutely on your plan.