Free Road Toll for Passage Car to Be Continued in Spring Festival

“Free road toll policy for passage car will be continued in next Spring Festival, and relative countermeasures will be made to ensure smoother driving.” spokesman of Department of Transportation, He Jianzhong told yesterday on the Press Conference.

He said: “Relative local departments should take steps in standard management system and measures, including organizing transportation in toll booths, setting up transportation emergency signs and guidelines, traffic conductor, service assurance, and information report system.” And adding that all this should be ameliorated on the basis of the existing facilities and completed before the Spring Festival.

In addition, transportation department should apply hierarchical management and sort management for toll booths, and implement traffic conductor timely, and conduct these free-toll cars to pass fastly in reason and in order, He said.

Thirdly, travel information service should be strengthened. On one hand, relative department should guide the public to choose reasonable time to leave, including reasonable route to avoid rush hours and gridlock routes. On the other hand, safe driving guidelines should be issued.

And last but not the least, transportation departments should strengthen monitor in road network status and take measures to some emergencies in time, and enhance communications between road networks and build information platforms to better organize and command vehicle operation.