Free Wireless Network to be Achieved in Beijing’s A-level Scenic Spots and Starred(3 and above) Hotels

The construction of Beijing “Smart Tourism ” has given initial success so far. Journalist learned from Beijing Tourism Administrative Board that till the end of this year the WLAN construction will be finished in all of the A-level scenic sites and above 3-star hotels(included) and realize wireless Internet access, according to Xianhua Beijing base on November 11.

The WLAN construction in scenic site and hotel is a part of Beijing “ Smart Tourism”, aiming at offering mobile Internet access to tourists outside home. In August this year, the first 104 travel enterprises have been installed wireless network, including Beijing Marine Aquarium. Till the end of this year, totally 200 A-level scenic sites and starred hotels(3-star and above) will be configurated with wireless network, at that time, the WIFI will cover all the hotel lobbies, Tourists Service Center and scenic spots.

Word has it that tourists access into wireless network mainly by two ways so far: get the username and password from CMCC network or asking the staff in scenic site for password of the self-built wireless network, which is very inconvenient. The wireless network to be promoted will be easier to login in without requesting username and password. So far the relative device is under debugging, after finishing the configuration, Beijing Tourism Administration Board will notify the public.