Great Wall-Badaling

Great Wall-Badaling occupies a commanding position, looking over the Juyong guan, and from it Beijing can be looked into distance. Because it’s strategically location and difficulty to access, the ancients have said that:” It is Badaling but not juncture to access.”

Stretching into south, Badaling leads to Nankou, Changping, Beijing; ranging to north, it opens to Yanqing, Yongning; and extending to west, it accesses to Shacheng, Xuanhua, and Zhangjiakou. Roads extend to all directions. By this point, it is named Badaling. In the Jin period, before the Yuan, people have called it this name.

Badaling is just inserted between two mountains with a foot-path in the middle. Between the ridges there is a small strategic pass, the Great Wall is just built through along the mountain range mouth. Badaling strategic pass is an irregular square, each of me east and west has a strategic gate. Because the place of Badaling is too small, the government

of the garrison and provisions and the storehouse of weapon and so on are set in the turnoff town outside the Badaling.

Because Badaling’s topography is dangerous, protected seriously the ancient war’s victory are not so much because of attack. They all turn the way from the south mouth, to attack from front to behind. Then seize the Juyong. Lastly attack Beijing.

In the layout of Great Wall, Badaling belonged to a part of inside of Great Wall, and Badalingguan belonged to “inner one”. There was a phrase wall along Zhangjiakou, Wanquan, Chichen, Yanggao. At that time, one of town of the eleventh was set up outside of Xuanhua. Also we could see a city and a platform for lighting smoking not in the distance. All these proved that Great Wall was the most important place at that time.

Wangjing Rock

There are some pieces of huge crude rock in the south of the road before the col door, saying, “Wangjing Rock” in it but without names and time. When the weather is fine, people can overlook Beijing City through 15 kilometers’ ditch by standing on the rock. Laminated mountains on both sides of the ditch superimpose with one another and you may find the “Green Superimposition” in the front of your view.

The “Artistic Natural Steep” is just in the cliff which down the road about 500 meters inside Juyong town. There are the words “Natural Steep” on the cliff’s wall that carved flat by manual work.