Hancheng Ancient City

It sames ancient city tour is increasingly popular among domestic and international tourists. Ancient cities in Shanghai and Suzhou is loved by almost all tourists. To the tourists to Xian, Terracotta Warriors and Horses is the top attractions, the second top attractions may be Mt Huashan. Actually doing further to east there is one more authentic ancient city waiting for your exploration, Hancheng City.

“I have been to tens of countries in Europe, Asia, America and Africa but had never met a traditional dwelling complex survived that have such compact layout, such delicate building style, such thick traditional taste and such completely preserved ”. That is comment on Hancheng Ancient City from a Japanese architect.

Hancheng City is listed in the Chinese National Historical and Cultural Cities and the only one that kind of city of county-level in Shaanxi Province. The city stands west bank of Yellow River in east part of Shaanxi and it enjoys a history of 3000 years.the city is one of the top six well preserved ancient cities in China.

Many former residence of ancient celebrities dotted here and there. And one of the most famous historians in Chinese history-Sima Qian was just born here.

In the opening of West Zhou Dynasty(1046BC-771BC), the emperor Wuwang pointed here as the manor of one of his sons and maned here as State Han. Since that time, the rudiment of the ancient city came into being.

As the national historical and cultural city, Hancheng has a lot to offer to tourists.

Memorial Temple of historian Sima Qian

It locates on edge of a cliff 10km south of Hancheng City. As the author of Shi Ji (Historical Recors), the famous comprehensive historical magnum opus. Sima Qian wan great fame but his real life made a shocking contrast with his fame.

Sanyi Tombs

It is 10km southwest of city area and three independent tombs lies here since the Spring and Autumn Period.

Longmen of Yellow River

Longmen is the throat Yellow River. The rock cliff on two banks stands like two gates, which in Chinese name is called Men, hence this part of Yellow River got its name Longmen.

Dangjiacun Village

This village developed from residence of an immigration family, Dang family. The village is almost 700 years old now and there are still over 120 residential quadrangles, and about 70 ancestral memorial temples existed in the village. The family precepts inscribed on screens in each residential quadrangle is an unique scenery. They tell younger generations how to develop the healthy personality and behave well.

Minyang Night Market

The night market here calls itself the largest night market in Asia. Here you could see all local snacks in Hancheng city.