Hanyao Cancelled Entrance Fee

In the end of Dec, 2018, a charming ancient Chinese style garden – Hanyao (Cold Cave) Heritage Park opened to public for free. In past the park charges CNY 50 per person, and now it cancelled entrance fee.

The park locates nearby Big Wild Goose Pagoda and Tang Paradise, and is the best known park themed at LOVE. It costs about 30 minutes to visit the park, in which you will meet many old day’s stuff related to Chinese marriage customs, will pay an inner visit to Yaodong (dwelling caves), have chance to enjoy Qin Opera for free, will take a glimpse of Chinese marriage costums changes, and will learn about the moving love story between Wang Baochuan and Xue Pinggui. Their story is no less touching than that of Tang Xuanzong and Lady Yang.

It is said in the end of Tang Dynasty, Wang Baochuan – the third daughter of Prime Minister – held a special husband- selecting ceremony. She chose her husband by silk-ball throwing game. In the game the silk-ball was caught by Xue Pinggui, a poor young man. All the Wang’s family disagree her to marry to the poor guy. But Baochuan insists her choice. She splits with her family and moves to Xue Pinggui’s home – a shabby simple dwelling cave lies on bank of Qujiang Pool. A few months later after their marriage, Xue Pinggui joins in the army troop. Since then, Baochuan lives in the dwelling alone for 18 years. During the 18 years, Baochuan experienced unthinkable poverty and hardship of life. Thanks to fortune Xue Pinggui makes contributions in troops and bettered his social position. 18 years later, Xue Pinggui returned hometown to look for his wife. Finally they lead a happy life together.

Their story is known among each Chinese people regardless their age/ sex/ hometown. Most domestic tourists who travel to Xian would pay a visit there. Nowadays the park is not only a popular amusement location among local people, but also a great place to hold a Chinese style marriage ceremony.

If you are interested in Hanyao (Cold Cave) Heritage Park, just list it in your Xian tour itinerary!