HK Illegal Taxi Driver Scams Overseas Visitors

Illegal taxis are running amok recently in Hong Kong, which has ruined the reputation of HK’s tourism. Policemen have received 19 criminals of overcharging fees, robbing luggage and refusing to transfer visitors. After investigation, the police has arrested 6 chief culprit drivers. It reveals that some taxi drivers even try to escape the trace by using false license plates, and use black tape to hide the additional fee of the digital stopwatch, pressing the button continuously on the way to make carfare increase by nearly two and a half times, according to the Hong Kong-based Ta Kung Pao.

Lu Guoji, senior superintendent for Hong Kong Ninewest’s crime unit said that the criminals’ techniques are diverse very much. One arrested driver uses false license plate and false driver license, and he even changed the license number on the backseat door to avoid police’s investigation. The hunt locations are most concentrating on Tsim Sha Tsui’s Canton Road, Kowloon Station etc. Some drivers will deceive passagers that his succession looms, when passager gets down the car to take their luggage, the driver would run away, taking with passager’s baggage.