How to Get to Guilin

By air: Hong Kong is the most convenient international departure point for Guilin, but so far only charter flights for package tours depart from there. For regular flight, Guangzhou is the airport used by most travelers, as there are at least four daily flights. The fastest flight takes only 55 minute: There are many other flights sering Guilin from provincial capitals but the Frequency of the service is far less than the service from Guangzhou. Flight times very according to aircraft type but the following (fastest) flights to Guilin apply: Guangzhou 55 minutes; Beijing 2 hours 25 minutes; Shanghai 1 hour 55 minutes Changsha I hour 20 minutes; Hangzhou 1 hour 40 munites: Kunming 1 hour 35 munites: Nanjing 55 minutes: Chengdu 3.5 hours (including stopover at Changqing. Changqing 1 hour 55 minutes. By train: There is no direct train service connecting Guangzhou and Guilin; there is a large range of mountain between. So you have to take a train from Guangzhou to Hengyang (south of Changsha) and wait for the connection to Guilin. You are traveling two sides of a triangle, the first leg north-northwest ( 10 hours),the second southwest(7.5 hours}.The connection is a bad one, and the journey, including stopover, occupies the best part of two days, so most people prefer to take the one-hour flight instead.

By Boat: Traveler who don’t mind roughing it might like to try the over- night boat journey from Guangzhou departs 12 noon) to Wuzhou (arrives 6 a.m. next day), then lake the bus to Guilin, perhaps stopping off at Yangshou on the way. The boat leaves from Dashatou pier at Three Yangjian Road, in the eastern sector of Guangzhou.

By boat. Another alternative, which has considerable appeal, is to take the air-condition coach from Guangzhou. The route is scenic and takes you through Zhaoing, Wuzhou, Hexian, and Yaugshou. Tickets are available days in advance through the ticket office at the Guangzhou Horticulture Com: pany at 5 Zhongshan Road. The coach departs at 6:20 am.: and the journey usually takes two days, providing an overnight Stop en route.