Illegal Dogfights Are Used to Entertain the Public

As is known to all, dogs are truly the most loyal creatures on the planet. Most people would like to keep different kinds of dogs as pets rather than any other kind of animals. But recently, a lot of dog abusing happens everyday in every corner of the world. Walking along the street, you can see numerous stray dogs strolling by two or more without homes to stay, while some dogs are just be kept by the dog owners to attend dogfight and make money, which is really a behavior of brutality and cruelty.

It is reported that on October 15, an illegal dog fight event in Daxing district has attracted more than 100 people. Some just have put down over ten thousands to have a bet on a fighting dog. The total bet was up to more than 200, 000 yuan just in the morning. According to China daily. It is said that the dog trainers invest over ten thousand yuan each year on their fighting dogs. Dog owners would inject drugs to the animal to enhance their endurance before games. Therefore, the fighting dogs have to be washed with the clean water before the races it is a way to prove that no drug has been put on the dogs’ fur . The drug can protect the dog from being bitten by its opponent since one bite can lead to narcosis.The dogs seriously wounded or suffered from permanent injury were often abandoned by their owners or slaughtered for meat. And the winner that will continues to fight until they die.At 9 am on October 10, two dogs went head-to-head with each other in an arena located somewhere in Beijing. There were a total of three fights taking place that day with bets of thousands viewers ranging from 1,000 to 20,000 yuan. It is said that the money totaled 200,000 yuan in just half a day.