Is Online Love the True Love?

Nowadays, more and more people like to find girlfriend or boyfriend online. Two people just met in net occasionally and then after several talks, they fall in love. They even haven’t met in persona but love each other deeply. How do you definite the feeling between them? Is it the true love? Can you accept online love ?Everyday, we get used to the busy life, running to the office and immersing in the work for the whole day. In most of the time after work, we just go home straightly and begin the lonely night life alone in our houses. It seems that we have nobody to talk to. When we are in low mood and need some comfort, there’s nobody and nothing, as always. Therefore, once you met somebody in net, you feel that you find somebody to communicate with and change minds. He always cares about you, and speaks sweet words to you. It is romantic, isn’t is? You tell yourself: ‘I feel I fall in love with him.’ But can this love last forever? The answer is unknown to both of you.

As for me, I don’t agree the online love very much.

When I was in my junior year at university, one of my roommates, Chen, told me that she had fallen in love with somebody who worked in Shanghai on the net during the Spring Festival holiday. And of course, they hadn’t met each other yet. At that time, we were all glad to hear the news and feel happy for her, even though I didn’t hold too much hope for their love. “He told me that he would come to see me on May Day.” When I saw the gleeful expression on her face, I didn’t tell her my thought about it. Two months later, it was the May Day, he didn’t come, with some excuses. Then he said he would come in the end of that semester. Yes, as you think — he broken his promise again. And after almost six months’ fruitless waiting, Chen was very sad and broke with him.

Admittedly, net shorten the distance between two unknown people. It is a good way to know more people. All communication is by typing or talking, it is interior heart communication, so it is easy to have ” love” feeling. But it is so hollow, has not experience reality’s test, if you want to keep “love” in reality, you must meet and handle some things together in real life, to confirm what he said is same with what he does, it is true love or not.Love is not so easy, but believe me, if you are lucky enough, you will find someone you truly love online, just like Kathleen and Joe in the romantic movie You’ve Got Mail.