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Macao’s Package Tour Arrivals Went up 21.9% in September

Figures released by the city’s Statistics and Census Service(DSEC) on Wednesday showed that Macao’s visitor arrivals in package tours in September increased by 21.9 % year on year to 749,496.

The amount of Visitors from the Chinese mainland is 538,178, Taiwan 69,911, South Korea 35,093, and Japan 21,798, increased by 23.7 %, 50.8 %, 33.9 % and 14.2 % respectively, the figures indicated.

It is reported that in the first nine month of 2012, visitor arrivals in package tours went up by 24.5 % year on year to 6,571,468, accounting for 31.5 % of total visitor arrivals according to DSEC.

Meanwhile, Macao residents traveling outbound in package tours soared by 107.6 % year-on-year to 32,373 in September 2012, with the Chinese mainland (82.3 % of the total), Taiwan (4.1 % of the total) and South Korea (3.8 %) being the most popular destinations.

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