Marital Confidence Paves Way for Happy Marriage

A new study recently shows that couples who were more confident in their marriage were more likely to spend time together for a long time, thereby showing more satisfaction in their relationship three years later.The study published recently in the journal Family Process, involving 610 newly married heterosexual couples, aimed at examining the relationship between marital confidence, time couples spent together, and marital satisfaction over about three years.It showed that those who were most confident at the beginning of their relationship have a higher level of happiness. They still like to stick together even tough the climax stage of their love was over.

“These couples were spending time together, dining out, taking part in activities together, sharing meaningful conversation and physical expressions of affection,” said co-author Matthew Johnson, a researcher in romantic relationships in University of Alberta, Canada, adding that those who are more confident in getting married are willing to invest in their relationships.Johnson suggested that couples about to get married should not ignore any complain about their relationship, as it might make a difference in their future marriage.