Ming Dynasty Building in Huxian County

In Huxian County of Xi’an, there is a wooden house built in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). And on the columns in front of the house there are a pair of couplets. The first line of the couplets says ” Wonderful imagery likes works of Daozi”, and the second line of the couplets says “Nifty structure matches works of Gongshu”. The “Daozi” refers to the famous painter Wu Daozi in the Tang Dynasty (618-907), and the “Gongshu” refers to ancestor of artificer Luban.

The artificer who built the house was quite self-confident and believed he got the full skill of Luban. Gongshu is wildly known among Chinese people, so local people call the house “Gongshu Hall”. Looking from outer side you may find the house is simple, small, and plain. There is nothing worthy of attention.

While once you enter the house, you will be surprised at the supernatural techniques and structure. According to the certain proportion, the wooden house was totally built with the wooden material. The inside of the house still keeps exquisite as it was in old days.

The hall of the house consists of eastern front chamber, Mid front chamber, mid chamber, east chamber, Buddhist hall, and back chamber. The thousands of ornately carved wooden elements make up a model of the 7-layer palace building. The elaborate of ancient Chinese structure was fully presented in this tinny wooden house.

The architecture record show Gongshu Hall in Huxian is one of the few existed buildings of this kind. If you want to see some really special buildings in your Xi’an tour, rent a car in Xi’an to see the wooden house will definitely be a great experience. If you like, a country tour to Huxian County to see local villages and appreciate local peasant paintings is also available to do in one day.