New Highlights in Turkey Tour – Bear and Hair Transplant

Cosmetic surgeon Sierra Huddin was good at hair transplant before. But three years ago, he began to provide bear transplant at customers’ requests. The bear transplant needs local anaesthesia. The doctor needs to take out hair follicle from the thick-haired part of customers’ body and then transplant it into the growth zone of bear. After the transplant, the bear mustn’t be shaved in the following 15 days. Usually, six month later, the transplant will take effect. Ndjeng Kochi is 30 years. He has been unsatisfied with his hairless face. Seven months ago, he grows the bear through the mustache transplant. He said: “ I am sort of nostalgia, and I wish myself more like an ancient Turkish men, so I chose bear transplant.”

In Turkey and even the whole Middle East region, thick bear is the symbol of manliness and power. More and more men explore different ways to make their bears denser. So the bear transplant emerges.

“In Arabic countries, sparse bear may lead to troubles in social intercourse. Many businessmen require bear transplant for if they don’t have, their partners may not treat them seriously. Some politicians also accepted the bear transplant in order to promote themself”, said the surgeon, “the Turkish TV series drives the bear transplant industry. We often have clients ask us to make him a bear like some actor’s”.

In the famous historical city of Istanbul in Turkey, about 250 clinics and private bodies provide facial hair transplant. Most of them have connections with travel agency. Surgery, together with hotels and airport transfer, is offered in Package service of “bear and hair tour”. The bear transplant surgery will cost as much as $7,000.

It is estimated that Turkey has received more than 3,500 foreign tourists last year and the tourists of “bear and hair tour” is increasing.