Pagoda of old Man Wansong at Xisi and Pagoda of Tianning Temple in Beijing

Pagoda of old Man Wansong at Xisi

Facing Xi’anmen Street at Xisi in southwest downtown Beijing, there is a small brick pagoda, called the Pagoda of Old Man Wansong.

During the Kin and Yuan dynasties there was once a Buddhist monk called himself Wansong Yelao and said that he used to be the teacher of Yelü Chucai, a descendant of the royal family of the Liao Dynasty who had made important contributions over his thirty years in office. For this reason the old monk earned the respect of the people. After his death his remains were buried in the capital and the brick pagoda was built as his monument. That took place more than six hundred years ago.

The pagoda is about a dozen meters tall, multi-eaved, octagonal, with nine stories. Its basic style of the Kin and Yuan dynasties has not been changed.

Pagoda of Tianning TempleLocated outside Guang’anmen in ~ District, Beijing, the Pagoda of the Tianning Temple is a earliest tall ancient architectures, which is called precious representation left by the capital of Nanjing of Liao Dynasty.

The huge pedestal, the first storey with its relief sculptures, the densely structured thirteen levels of eaves and the magnificent steeple with its precious bead at the top combine to form a beautiful image that integrates light with heavy, long with short tight with spacious, achieving a highly artistic architectural effect. The later celebrated Chinese architect Liang Sicheng praised the design of the pagoda as having musical rhythm and as being a masterpiece of ancient architectural design.

In 1976 the pagoda has been affected by the earthquake happened in Tangshan, the bead on top of steeple broken, tiles in some part dropped, but the body was still kept well.