Prime Minister of UK Urges to Simplify Visas of Chinese Tourists

UK’s Prime Minster Cameron refused the Home Secretary Theresa May’s warning on December 4 and urged to simplify relative procedures of Chinese tourists visa as soon as possible to attract more rich Chinese tourists to consume in UK, according to People’s Daily Online on December 5.

Because UK doesn’t join in Europe’s passport-free Schengen area, Chinese tourists who join European tour need an additional fussy visa application to enter UK, therefore many Chinese tourists have to give up UK and turn to France, which leads to a great decrease of tourism receipts. It is reported that Chinese tourists of France are 25 higher than those of England due to the convenient and simple visa procedure.

UK’s cabinet has long been unpleasant about the Home Office’s inaction on problem of simplifying Chinese tourists’ visa. An insider of Downing Street said simplifying visa application procedure for Chinese tourists is one of the primary tasks.