Shao Qiwei Met with the Minister of Russian Federal Culture Ministry Medinsky

Shao Qiwei expressed appreciation for Russia’s work for China-Russia Tourism Year. Shao said, “ the China-Russia Tourism Year is coming to a close, under the close attention of two countries’ leaders, China-Russia Tourism Year has achieved great success. Now members of the committee have began to prepare activity lists of the 2013 Russia-China Tourism Year. We have the confidence that Russia-China Tourism Year will be successful, and we expect your support and help.”

He added that Russia’s cultural figures are well known by most of Chinese people. Numerous tourists visit Russia for its unique culture. Culture has a close relationship between tourism, as culture being the soul of tourism and tourism being an important carrier of culture. Without the soul of culture, any country, region or even a scenic spot will not be so popular. And in return, tourism provides a good chance for culture diffusion. Except the Moscow and St. Petersburg, there are many other tourist resources can be introduced to Chinese travelers.

“I hope that both countries can take the opportunity of the tourism year to promote the understanding and friendship of the two peoples.” Shao said.