Simpler Visa Process and Chinese Appreciation giving a hit of Foreign Travels

Reporters collects the information from outbound travel agencies in Chengdu that American travel products tend a good booking by Chinese citizens during the Spring Festival, especially the Hawaii travel products. The number of travelers in Hawaii is the twice of ordinary times during the Christmas period. People traveled in the Spring Festival are even more for 80 percent of quota of people has been booked and some travel product has sold out.

People in travel agency said that the simpler Visa process and Chinese appreciation are two mean cause, attracting many people to a Europe and America Vacation. Most people travel abroad for the purpose of sightsee vacations and shopping in foreign countries. At the mean time, in order to cater to the needs of sightsee and shopping, travel agencies add many free time in the tour according to different requests.

For example, in the Australia tourist route, there is no stationary shopping center, instead agencies arrange some DFS shops, Outlets and huge shopping mall in Sydney and Auckland.